Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm still here

Hello E/everybody,

Yes, i'm still here. What have i been doing? Well, do Y/you all remember in my first post that i said that i was no longer a Gorean? I was always sceptical that people can change and grow. I am no longer a sceptic. I went back to the Gorean lifestyle and felt that i could not entertain any other way of life besides that one. After some soul searching, i made the final decision to stop practicing Gor for the rest of my days. I know have said this before, but in my heart, i feel that this choice is set in stone. The biggest thing that i have learned is it is not just that people constantly grow and that growth leads to a more fulfilled life, but keeping yourself closed off to other ideas, paves the way to stagnation and the possibility in stunting one's emotional development. I now believe that items from other lifestyles can be used to add to the one they have chosen to follow.

So, i will be writing at regular intervals on a permanent basis. I wish to help others on their journeys and to bring Y/ou all again on my own. What is the point of going on a adventure and you have nobody to share your experiences and revelations with?