Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coming Soon....

I am SO not the writer in this family.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am the talker in the  I promise that I will post about my journey home soon.  Right now, I am in my own little heaven.  I am finally here, safe in my Masters arms, and in my sisters heart.  I am HOME, where I belong....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Home At Last!

Well folks Master has sent out the posting on His first day with sissy. i have had the absolute joy of the last two days getting to know her in real life...and guess what? She is exactly the same as she is in SL. So i really didn't have to get to know her. i have known her all along. Wanna know somthin' else? she is every bit as much an angel as she is in pixel form too. And unlike at the beginning of the last two years, this time it really did fall out of the box perfect! But let me get to the whole thing from the start!

First, apparently there were a lot of words tossed around when folks found out i had spent the first night at a hotel in town so Master and sis could have some time together. People were telling Master and sis (and leaving me IMs too) words like "amazing" and "inspiration". I have to admit...i don't feel that way. I don't feel heroic or special. All i did is what i felt was right. Master and i have lived together for nearly three years now. And when i arrived it was just U/us. W/we have had a very long time to form that special bond. i fully believed that sis and Master deserved at least one night! One night where there was no weirdness, no awkwardness. Sis could settle into her home, Master could cuddle His long lost girl, and when i got home it would fresh and rested. Not out of the sweat shop. Sis would have had a chance to get over the flight and good nights sleep. Time for the serious one on one face to face with Master you really only CAN do when you are face to face.

And so Master picked me up the next day at the hotel and brought me home to my sis. It was the most wonderful moment. I saw her come out of the hall and that brief look of uncertainty. Her wide, dark eyes held that first breath of fear. And that is all i really remember for a moment because just that look alone and i burst into tears. She is beyond beautiful and the inner light you feel when you talk to her online...its all around her. i cried and gave my sis the hug i had been saving for so long. i told her "welcome home sissy! i missed you!". And she answered "I really am home". That is how it feels too. Like W/we have all lived here all along, just separate for a while.

In class i tell people the poly dynamic does not just fall out of the box perfect. it takes years of communication and time to build that bond of trust. You have to go through the hoops, the balls of fire, miscommunication, insecurity, self doubt, personal clashes, all with your heart on your sleeve and the HONEST desire to make it work. Not just one in the dynamic, but ALL in the dynamic. It is hard work. But there is a huge bonus if you  plan on eventually becoming an RL poly. The work is all done. Once the physical part of the move was done, W/we all realized W/we have been together all along. Sissy fell out of her moving box and the whole puzzle was completed.

Master, sis and i have spent the last couple of days gabbing, shopping, gabbing, cooking, gabbing, spending time with the kids, shopping again, get the idea. It really does feel exactly the same as when W/we are sitting in SL in family time. Only now, family time is any time W/we are under the same roof. Not just when W/we all have time to log in. The house feels full now. Light, happy, alive and full. It is not a house in waiting. It truly is a home.

Well, i just wanted to send out this little blurb and let E/everyone know all is going so amazing. And now i am going to post this so i can get back to my family!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Our first 24 hours.....

For the past few weeks I have been bombarded by all of my dear friends regarding this RL transition. It is wonderful to know that so many people are genuinely interested in our happiness as a real life polyamorous family. Just goes to show you the power of community as we can lean on each other!

When I collared Alisha 2.5 years ago, the idea of becoming a poly family BEYOND second life was not part of my plan. However, as our relationship grew stronger is became apparent that this dynamic was taking a path of its own. Ironically it was Sarrah that approached me and said
 " Master, Alisha is going to be a permanent part of our family! I can feel it!"
It never ceases to amaze me how the girls see things well before I do in certain areas. Sarrah was indeed correct in her feelings as Alisha is finally with me in real life as well.

You would think that after years of building a relationship as deep and complex as D/s it would take away the anxieties of change. I am here to tell you that regardless of how much you think you are ready, the nerves still tend to prevail....smiles

So......yesterday her plane was due to arrive at 10:08 am. I cannot tell you what an amazing feeling it was to know that I was just hours away from wrapping my arms around my sweet girl. Just prior to leaving my house for the airport, I went online to check her flight status. Low and behold, the pilot must have caught a nice tail wind as the arrival time was 40 minutes AHEAD of schedule. Fortunately the airport is a mere 15 minute drive so I arrived just as Alisha's plane arrived at the gate. She called me to let me know she landed early and was surprised to find out that I was waiting eagerly in baggage claim. In fact I was watching her come down the escalator. This surprised Alisha as she was planning on taking advantage of early arrival to use the rest room for some last minute primping. ( Apparently this is important to a submissive meeting her Master for the first time....shrugs)

I walked up to her and gave her the biggest hug you can imagine. I whispered in her ear " You're home now sweetie" The initial awkwardness faded quickly as it felt as if she had been with me her entire life. Even when we went to baggage claim to retrieve her suitcase...I stood there patiently as Alisha said:
 " There's my, that's not it....Oh there it is!.....errrr nope not that one....Oh I see it now!....oops....mine has a green ribbon on it"
Now even though the extra stretching to grab a bag that was not hers was probably good for me, the owners of the bags did not seem to care as they grumbled " That's MY bag!"...This of course eventually resulted in me glaring evilly at Alisha...See? We never missed a beat!

We finally arrived home and I gave her the dime tour. She seemed very pleased with the house and felt comfortable right away. As she settled in and unpacked the anxiety slipped away and the emotions of the wonderful reality of it all finally took over. We sat and talked for awhile, then we decided to use our excitement to log on to SL and visit with some friends to let them know she arrived safely. I then had to leave and pick up Sarrah at work and bring her to her hotel as she graciously offered to stay in town so Alisha and I could have our time alone. This act of compersion and love from Sarrah reaffirms what an amazing woman she is, and reminds me once again how lucky I am to have her.

Alisha and I spent the entire evening enjoying each other's company. We talked, and talked....We cuddled and watched a movie and even took a cat nap since we were exhausted. We enjoyed our first meal together. I cannot tell you how incredible it is to finally make a reality of the powerful dynamic we have built as a family. I even decided that it was important for us to log in to SL once again and attend Miss Kaddan and Tahlia's discussion. Why? Because I feel that the best way to transition is to use the tools that got us there in the first place. This helped the flow continue and provided a sense of security.

Well here it is...The morning after and I am on my way into town to pick Sarrah up from the hotel. Today is an important day as the girls will meet for the first time in RL. We plan on using this day to talk as a family and clearly spell out our goals and plans for the next few weeks and months. I also plan on giving the girls the space they need to get to know each other on this new level. There will be more to come so stay tuned!

Once again...To all of our dear friends....Thank you all for your support and for being there when we needed you. Our hopes are that we can use this experience to assist others if they decide to make this transition as we did.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Serving while unowned

In a previous post, i explained the importance of self growth and completing the grieving process, when single. But what about while or after doing one or both of these things, your desires to serve another or others become overwhelming and you're without a Dominant or Domme? Regardless of your relationship status, you can fulfill your needs. If you crave to provide service to someone or to a few people, perhaps donate your time to your favorite charity, a volunteer program, a school, or a religious establishment. All of these opportunities not only quell the yearning to serve, but society also benefits from your service.