Monday, February 25, 2013

Play parties

It is often said that P/people who are in the BDSM lifestyle should know a P/person well enough to feel physically and emotionally safe with T/them, before engaging in intimate activities. If Y/you receive an invitation to or hear about an play party, should Y/you consider attending? To help Y/you decide on whether or not to go to a occasion like this, let's discuss what happens at a event like this, the pros and cons of going to one and ways to stay safe if Y/you want to be a guest at one.

A play party is an affair where I/individuals participate in erotic acts. As a bash of this nature, P/people will be acting upon their fetishes. So Y/you may meet one or more partners that Y/you have sexual chemistry with. One tenet of a romantic relationship is a healthy sex life. It is always a good thing to explore kinks, but it can be hazardous when doing so with S/someone you don't know. When W/we were children, W/we were taught about the dangers of interacting with strangers. As a adult, all of those imperilments still apply when socializing with a I/indivdual Y/you just met. Sometimes a undiscovered limit can be triggered during intercourse. This situation may cause mental and/or bodily harm.

Before any scening takes place, it would be wise to understand and ensure that Y/your mate understands the principals of SSC(Safe, Sane and Consensual) and RACK(Risk-aware Consensual Kink). The use of contraceptives is also a smart idea, so no regrets are added to A/anybodies life.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Age play

Within the lifestyle of BDSM, their are many other lifestyles. One such path is the Daddy Dom/Mommy Domme and babygirl/babyboy/little civilization. How does a Daddy Dominant/Mommy Domme and little/babygirl/babyboy/little dynamic work? A Daddy Dom/Mommy Domme will train Their girl or boy to be the kind of person They wish them to be. This process is done through nurturing. While some might say that this relationship is no different than a D/s one, P/people must remember that love is the key ingredient in successful Daddy Dom/Mommy Domme and little/babygirl/babyboy relationships, where as in D/s partnerships, it is not needed.

In some Daddy Dominant/Mommy Domme and little/babygirl/babyboy/little unions, age play is a vital component. What is age play? Age play is when an individual who is over eighteen years old pretends to be a minor.

Everybody has at least one prejudice. The topic of age play can be an volatile one. Due to the crimes against children that are happening in almost every country of the world and are occurring at an increasing rate. There are laws that govern us wherever we go and whatever we do. They help protect us from harm. They do not prohibit us from living the way we desire to.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day survival guide for the uncommitted

Their is a day that comes around once a year that couples wait for with much anticipation and single people dread like a plague. What date am i referring to? Why, Valentine's day, of course! Valentine's Day focuses on unions. What is a solitary person to do? Here are some ideas:

  • In the U.S.A., the importance of the health of womens hearts is recognized in the month of February. While several organizations have been created to spread awareness of this crucial medical issue, others adopt this cause to create a united front on providing resources for ladies to learn about the concernment of cardio health and other associated information. Organizations like these are always looking for individuals to help-out with them.

  •  A Valentine's Day in the past must have left its mark on the United States of America, as Random Acts of Kindness is a twenty-eight or twenty-nine day(depending on leap year) celebration. The idea of this wingding is to do stuff for others that brings them joy. Y/you get to decide on the things Y/you would like to do to make people happy.

  •  Remembering those who have made a major contribution to the lives of Americans is vital. Honoring the people who have improved the lifestyles of U.s. citizens is a tool to show gratitude for the things we have today. Black History Month takes place in February and pays homage to those of African and Caribbean-American decent who have made a positive impact in the country's past. Educational opportunities will abound during this time about this topic and participating in learning adventures often lead to volunteer positions. 

I don't see why similar ideas couldn't be done in other countries.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is a collar the only symbol of a owned sub/slave?

Many of us in the BDSM community know the symbolism of a collar. Are their others signs to show that a submissive or slave is owned? What about a promise ring? Rings are used alot in the vanilla and poly lifestyles to display commitments to relationships. Could they also be part of BDSM dynamics? Perhaps they would be useful for subs and slaves who wish to keep their personal lives private.