Sunday, August 25, 2013


As submissives and slaves, we are expected to serve the One that owns us. But what happens when we are given a task to complete and after so many attempts of completing it, we can't for some reason and our owner grows impatient with us? How can we handle situations like this?


Monday, August 19, 2013

Subspace outside of intimacy

Most of U/us know about subspace. But M/many may not know that subspace can occur outside of intimacy. One example of this is when i dance in SL, that i actually go into subspace.

As A/alot of U/us know, subspace happens when the sympathetic nervous system responds, which makes endorphins and epinephrines flow throughout the brain. Basically when these chemicals are released, the person goes into a trancelike state. Being that epinephrine and endorphins are part of the fight or flight response, it makes sense that subspace can occur in times when T/those are not engaged in a sexual activity.


Monday, August 12, 2013


For T/those W/who know me through my writing and/or in person, know that my journey as a submissive hasn't been easy. In the first blog post that i wrote for SOS, i gave E/everybody a glimpse into my last relationship and the effects it had on me. It's been over a year since my ex Master and i have parted ways and i wanted to give Y/you A/all an update on how i am doing.

I honestly didn't have any plans in writing this post, as i didn't want to burden P/people, however i did something that completed my healing process and i couldn't have done it without A/all the support that E/everybody at SOS, my F/friends and my sisters have given me.

About six months ago, i received devastating news from someone that my ex and i both knew. A few days ago, i decided to tell my ex the information that this individual shared with me. From this conversation spurred others that lasted over the course of four days. These talks lead to me telling Him why i left Him and that He can't hurt me anymore.

I just want to take this opportunity again for A/all of Y/you at SOS, my sisters and my F/friends, for helping me get through the hurt that my first love and first Master.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Serving submissives and slaves

Did the title of this blog post make Y/you blink? Good. I did too when i heard a Dominant say that Masters serve Their property. I'm curious on what O/others think about this.


What's Waiting On The Other Side Of Patience!

What’s waiting on the other side of Patience?

What does having patience mean?

Do you have time for patience? 

‘Have patience with all things, But, first of all with yourself.’  Saint Francis de Sales

I have always been aware of my impatience to some extent,   and I have been made more and more aware of the extreme nature of it in my life and mind set recently!  Master has showed me the harshness of being impatient, the intolerance he has for his submissive to be impatient and how suffocating being impatient can be and how destructive it is in a D/s relationship or life in general.
In the past when a task required patience, I would become busy doing things so I would not have to think, feel or wait.  And that is what I tried to do with Master. That was stopped in a Master minute.  He said NO, I want you to feel patience!  Feel patience?  Great, I do not have any let alone have enough to feel!  This was bizarre or was it?  Since I always “ran away” when life called for patience I came to the conclusion that lack of patience is synonymous with being ‘on the run’. There was always a resistance to stopping long enough to really see what’s in front of me to live in the “NOW” the presences!   

The moment I stopped long enough, sat and listened to the silence. Yes I knelt in the quietness of my room, in the dark and listened to nothing! It was then I realized that I had patience with everyone except myself!  Moreover, I was afraid of waiting, I feared that if something I want does not happen right when I want it to happen, then it will not happen at all, or it will happen differently from how I want it to happen, than I will be the victim! Therefore when we find ourselves impatient about something, it is really because we do not trust in the outcome. 

Impatience is a result of lack of trust! Great we are back to TRUST I thought that issue was handled, I trust Master. I trust him with my body, mind and soul!  But is Master the one I need to trust or is it myself?   Trust comes from within yourself, you need to trust yourself, your judgments, trust in the decisions you make!  AHH so this is where patience plays its part.  Having the patience, and in time it will be shown that yes this is the right decision, I do trust I made the correct judgment in his character. The more patience I have the more this is clarified. 

So therefore when that moment arrives, I will step into Masters, life as his slave and I will allow myself to serve on his terms, his schedule, his time. In doing so, I release myself from the stress of future management and will focus more on the present the now, and be available to him.
So what is waiting on the other side of patience?  Many rewards, freedom, presence, a sense of ease, trust, and love. There’s nothing so loving, as patience.