Sunday, April 28, 2013

Water sports

I feel that when O/one is beginning T/their education on the BDSM lifestyle, that T/they feel that only activities that involve danger are the ones that are the acts of choking, bounding, hitting, cutting and burning S/someone. There are pastimes in the civilizations that include risks when partaking in them and don't leave physical traces when the scene is over, like the ones above could. The one that i'm going to tell Y/you A/all about today is Water sports.

Watersports is the act of S/someone urinating on A/another.This kink is also known as Golden showers. This activity is harmless in itself. If urine is ingested, then that is when health issues can occur. Urine can carry a host of medical conditions, including Hepatitis B and Gonorrhea.

So, like all the other pastimes in the BDSM culture, safety precautions should be taken before engaging in this activity.



Monday, April 22, 2013

Breath play

Breath play is the act of O/one cutting off A/another's air supply as a means of arousal. Like with many kinks, safety precautions and full understanding of the act's should take before any scening takes place.

For T/those wishing to try breath play, it would be a good idea for T/their partner to be CPR certified, in case something goes wrong.


Monday, April 15, 2013


Beastality is a sexual act between a human and a animal. While O/one's morals will always take in precedence in erotic situations that don't involve minors, lega lities and safety should also be taken into consideration when O/one is thinking about trying a new kink. O/one should know the laws and their penalties for breaking them in T/their town/city, state/province and country. Many experiences in the BDSM lifestyle include dangerous elements to them. Safety measures should always be taken to ensure enjoyment for all the parties involved and regret nonexistent down the line for T/those who partook in the activities. For example, Zoonosis is an infection that is passed from mortals to unimmunized animals.

Whatever sexual situation Y/you wish to attempt, it's wise to know of the all that possible ramifications that surrounds it. A healthy sex life not only benefits Y/yourself, but A/all that Y/you come in contact with. When O/one is emotionally and physically fulfilled, T/they accumulate positive energy and this energy spills onto to E/everybody Y/you associate with.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dom Drop

Many in the BDSM community are familiar with the concept of Sub Drop. But i have heard the phenomenon of Dom Drop floating around lately. I'm unsure what the situation entails. Can A/anybody fill me in on this notion?