Sunday, March 31, 2013

100th post and Happy Easter!

This is the 100th blog post for SOS. On behalf of Solace of Submission, W/we would like to thank you for Y/your patronage. Without Y/you, W/we wouldn't be here. Thank you!!

Also for T/hose who celebrate, Happy Easter!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Religion and BDSM

There are many facets to O/one's personality. But what happens when there is a conflict in Y/your psyche? I will explain my question. Everybody is spiritual in one form or another. So what does O/one do when their creed and lifestyle clash?

In regards to myself, i am Wiccan. I know that my deities accept me for the person that i am and only request that i don't bring intentional harm to O/others.

I want to hear from Y/you. How do Y/you handle both the spiritual and BDSM parts of Y/your personality?


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Observing protocols in the vanilla world

There have been many strides for acceptance of all human beings. But the fight is far from over. My question for you A/all is: How do you follow the rules of Y/your owner or lifestyle in a world where it would prefer its habitants have the same interests etc?

Happy St. Patrick's Day E/everybody!!!!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Sub-Standard Published

Hello E/everyone! i wanted to get the word out that i have finally finished and published my first book "Sub-Standard" to the sight. After five days it was manually reviewed and accepted as "premium" status. This means it is now being distributed to all major carriers of "reader" devices and will be available through most major companies world wide for download within the next two weeks. This book was not only based on the classes i give, but on all of the insights and information i have learned from all of Y/you over the years.
If for any reason you wanted to attend the classes and could not, this book covers most of it! I say most of it because it would not be right to give away everything! And i want to let you know too, that it does not stop at one book. There will be another book coming soon and (eventually) another one after short, there will be a "Sub Series".
You can check out my Smashword profile at and get a link to the book from there or go to and type in search: Sarrah Darkfold-Borgin (just make sure the adult filter is off or you wont find it)

But most important to me is this; thanks to all of Y/you for being part of what made it happen in the first place. Master and sis taught me so much. Y/you all taught me too. Through that i was able to take the second big check off my bucket list!

Sarrah Darkfold-Borgin

Sunday, March 10, 2013


There are probably millions of words in the English language. Some words have gone extinct and many are used in contexts that do not have anything to do with their original meanings. I am curious about the opinions of you A/all if the following term's definition has been changed, so it may best describe a phase in our BDSM partnerships.

Prior to the 1980's, the expression "courting" was used to illustrate the dating grade of a vanilla relationship. In the present day, courting is used to portray the first stage of a BDSM union. In the beginning of every coupling, a "getting to know you" condition occurs. But do Y/you have to date S/someone in order to get to know T/them? I am aware that some P/people in the BDSM lifestyle may date and partner those who identify as vanilla and then take on a Dominant or submissive, but will BDSM lifestylers date O/others from their own community? If I/individuals in the BDSM civilization do not date those from T/heir own colony, is courting the correct word to use when referring to the initial status of a BDSM comradeship?


Monday, March 4, 2013


E/everybody in life has a path to lead. How does O/one find the road they are supposed to take until the end of their days?

I think T/those that pursue their passion's will be presented with opportunities, in which one will lead to T/their pathway to happiness.