Thursday, December 27, 2012

Are New Year's resolutions necessary to succeed?

2013 is fast approaching and many across the globe are formulating plans to achieve success in the coming year. These maps to achievement that are primarily designed right after each Christmas are called New Year's resolutions. Do New Year's resolutions really set the stage for O/one to attain all the accomplishments they desire in every upcoming year?

If O/one asked the members of society that made New Year's resolutions if they followed through on them, i believe the majority would answer no. Why do so many not stick to the outline they created to procure victory? I believe people have good intentions, but regardless of someone's aims, passion is the key ingredient to all successful sketches.

If O/one has the drive to acquire something, why can't a diagram on how to get it be constructed at any point of time?


Friday, December 21, 2012

Those who are unintentionally toxic; keep or let go?

Throughout our lives, most of us will and be mentally hurt by others. Those of us who don't mean to cause emotional pain for someone, will probably be able to repair the damage that they did to the relationships that they have with the people they unintentionally distressed.

But what about those that constantly emotionally wound you accidentally; is it safe to keep in contact with individuals like that? My answer to the question that i posed to you A/all, is that i feel that it depends on a person's mental fitness and how strong of a desire Y/you have to maintain the partnership between Y/you and the human beings that evokes emotional affliction.

If Y/you choose or are unable to keep the friendship of Y/you and the person who mentally injured Y/you, it's okay to let it go. Nothing in Y/your life is more precious than Y/your health. Being in good health will enable Y/you to focus on the comradeships that impact your life in a positive way.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Strength through struggle

Most people have encountered at least one person who more often than not, made you feel bad about yourself. You end the relationship with the negative human being and experience the emotions of guilt and peace. Why do some endure the feeling of remorse after calling it quits to the partnership between you and the pessimistic individual? When a companionship finishes, regardless of the rationale's for it ending, many folks will blame themselves for the failure of the comradeship.

So, it's been a few weeks since the dissolvement of the amicability between you and the contray mortal. Out of the blue, the antagonistic person contacts you and one of their new goals is to make your life miserable. If you can't think of a reason on why he or she is causing issues for you, the feelings of confusion, anger and worry may consume your mind.

I am going through the above situation and have all of the emotions that one could experience when going through a circumstance of a similar nature. I am trying to lean onto friends for support and keep the predicament in check, like all one should do if they find themselves in a crisis. We might not know what the outcomes will be in situations. But one thing is for certain: Everything always works out in the end.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Survival for the Unattached

Ah, the surplus of party invitations making our mailboxes their home and the extra large amounts of food, that seem to be offered everywhere we go and replenished before we can say "Happy Holidays". What do these two events mean? But why that the winter celebrations are upon us of course! These are times that are meant to be spent with loved ones, family and friends. For those of us who are not a relationship, we may find the next few weeks to be especially difficult. Even-though we might have kin and buddies, some of us need the type of love that only a significant other can provide, to make the convivialities merry and bright.

What can we as singles do to survive and perhaps even enjoy this supposedly joyful period? If we want to receive love, we must give it. Many communities are struggling financially. You can help those in need by donating your time, money or item's that would benefit from your contribution's. Want to assist others, but not sure who? Lots of newspapers and town websites post bulletins of charities that are looking for personnel and monetary and material alms. I would like to note that there is never a bad time to get involved in a worthy cause, as they need support all throughout the year.

When some isolated human beings are invited to holiday parties, it makes them want to hibernate until the Spring. Festive get-togethers should not be avoided as they are wonderful opportunities to hang out with those you care about and expand your social circle. When you receive your next invitation to a wintertide occasion, ask the host or hostess on how you can aid him or her with the affair. By offering to abet in the shindig, you have some control over it, which in turn, makes it more fun for you.

However you choose to observe the wintertime jubilees, i hope they are in ways that are special to you.